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Nanoka Manufactures (Stationaries)
Proprietress: Miss. W.A.N.G. Bandara

Kandy Road
Galigamuwa Town
Sri Lanka

Telephone: (+94) 352284413

e mail:

Website: http://www.kegalletown.com/nanoka/
Our services

We are a small sole trader company which manufactures exercise books mainly for school children. We started our business in August 2004. Our main mission is to provide quality products for school children for a low cost. We are hoping to expand our businesses soon and manufacture all the stationeries in the near future. Thus we expect to help children in rural areas.
Our vision is  “To become the best provider for books in Sri Lanka and build a good reputation.”

Our current products:
• Excersise books 40 - 400 (pages)
• Drawing books 20 - 50 (pages)
• CR Books 1 - 5 (sizes)
• Double Rule Books 40 - 120 (pages)
• Plain Books 40 - 80 (pages)

We guarantee to provide quality books for less cost anytime.

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